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Nicole is a recent graduate of Eastern Mennonite University with majors in Liberal Arts and Global Development. Nicole plans to begin a master’s program at EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. When she isn’t doing homework or creating art, Nicole can be found in a coffee shop chatting with friends, cooking yummy food, or sitting in the sunlight listening to music.


Nicole’s artwork often reflects often focuses on justice-related topics. However, she also enjoys creating pieces in response to the beauty of the world. Nicole participated in an anti-racism internship in which she created paintings reflecting on whiteness. The show was called “It’s Personal: Investigating [my] Whiteness.” Nicole also compiled a collaborative show with Luke Mullet titled “Oscillations,” in which Luke’s musical compositions inspired Nicole’s abstract paintings and vice versa. She has dabbled in a variety of mediums, but her favorites are acrylic and watercolor painting.



Lindsay just finished her third year at Eastern Mennonite University, where she studies Peacebuilding and Development in the United States and around the world. She spent a semester traveling in Palestine and Israel in 2017, studying the cultures, conflicts, and peacebuilding strategies of the region. Her main areas of inquiry are systems of oppression and dominance and their economic, social, environmental, and theological ramifications, though she has also done extensive research into 19th century sensationalist author Ned Buntline with Professor Mark Sawin. She presented her research into Buntline along with the research team at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association Conference. In the fall Lindsay will begin her graduate studies at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.


Luke is a composer and poet as well as an admissions councelor at Eastern Mennonite University. He graduated from EMU in 2019 with a math major. While his "poems are esoteric, sometimes cryptic, his compositions are directly emotional, reminiscent of epic movie scores flavored with a Celtic-Tibetan fusion" (Eastern Mennonite University News). Most recently, Luke wrote an original score for the documentary, “No Longer Theory,” a film about Michael (MJ) Sharp and Zaida Catalan, two UN peacemakers who were killed in the DRC in 2017. In addition, Luke has composed music for the Shifting Climates podcast, an audio series with the goal of re-humanizing the conversation about climate change. Luke has a strong passion for designing audio experiences to tell important stories, inspire empathy, evoke emotions, and cause behavior change. In his free time, he loves biking, meditating, and spending quality time with friends and family. Luke plans on continuing to create impactful aural experiences and learning more about how to better relate to fellow humans and the environment.

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